What do you get when you bring together a fiddle, mandolin, banjo, guitar, upright slap bass, rhinestone costumes, hilarious comedy and great folk, traditional, bluegrass, rockabilly and gospel music at a theatre near you? There’s only one answer to that question … BRANSON ON THE ROAD!


BRANSON ON THE ROAD has over 20 years of experience of performing at the top theatres in Branson on the famous 76 Country Music Boulevard (known as "The Strip") delivering good music and clean fun for all ages, and is the original national touring show from the famous city. The show delivers the Branson traditions of roots music and family fun wherever they go...and they go all over the US and beyond!


BRANSON ON THE ROAD is the kind of show most people thought was long gone in this day of overproduced music, overused special effects and performers singing to tracks. In the same tradition as the traveling road shows during the glory days of the Grand Ole Opry, the Louisiana Hayride and the first Branson music shows, BRANSON ON THE ROAD keeps you tapping, laughing and smiling.


“We reside in the live music capital of the world, Branson, Missouri”, said Debbie Horton, “and realized that there are many people who will never have a chance to visit Branson or experience a pure traditional, Americana, folk, roots and comedy show performed in a genuine way. With the economy the way it is today, we decided to bring our Branson stage show directly to them.”


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